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Are you wrapped up in a custody battle over your children right now? Have you been unexpectedly visited by Child Protective Services? From conservatorship issues to CPS appeals, our family law attorneys at Steinmann Law Firm can guide you through all your legal issues from start to finish. 

We have over two decades of experience each, and we have handled over a thousand CPS cases throughout our career. We will tell your story and help you make the right legal decisions for your family, whether in the context of high net worth divorce or adoption.

Let Steinmann Law Firm protect your rights as parents. Schedule an initial consultation with our attorneys today to get started on your case in Conroe, the Woodlands, or Bentwater, TX.

How We Can Help You Resolve Your Family Law Matter

Our family lawyers at Steinmann Law Firm are deeply skilled at family litigation. We know how to strategize an effective case that asserts your parental rights and meets your child’s best interests. 

Some of our family law practice areas include:

  • Adoption – We can help you navigate every step of the adoption process, whether a private agency adoption or stepparent adoption. Adoption proceedings may include the termination of parental rights, home studies, and medical assessments of the adoptive parents.
  • Child Custody (Conservatorship and Possession and Access) – Texas courts will award both or either managing conservatorship (legal custody) and possessory conservatorship (physical custody). We will help you argue for a favorable custody arrangement and request a modification of a long-standing custody order, if necessary.
  • Child Protective Services – CPS handles investigations of alleged child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. If the CPS investigates your family situation and deems that you have harmed your child, we can help you appeal this finding and protect your rights to your child.
  • High Net Worth Divorce – Any marriage that involves more than $1 million in liquid assets should be treated as a high net worth divorce. These kinds of divorces require careful attention to both spouses’ financial assets and the possible concealment of any assets. 
  • Juvenile Crimes – Individuals between the age of 10-17 at the time of committing an alleged crime will be handled by the juvenile court system, which issues slightly different penalties than the adult court system. Our defense attorneys can help you better understand the nature of your child’s juvenile allegations and how to avoid being transferred to adult court.

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At Steinmann Law Firm, we understand how consequential the result of your family law case can be. We will work closely with you to discuss your goals and needs for your case and build a strategy to achieve those goals. 

We are a firm that wins a lot, and we will bring this winning reputation to your family law case. Whether you have questions about completing an adoption, modifying a child custody order, or defending against juvenile crime accusations, Steinmann Law Firm will strive to fight for the outcome you are looking for.

Schedule an initial consultation with Steinmann Law Firm today to get started. Representing families in Conroe, the Woodlands, and Bentwater, Texas.


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